Welders shield – Certificates

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In the following table you find more information to determine your certificate:

colorregister-nr.material thicknessrealization
FB12 dark redD3342JEDI3 mmtransparent
FB 166 (FB165 red +3%)D3343JEDI1 mmmatted
FB11 dark redD3344JEDI2 mmtransparent
FB152 dark-greenD3465JEDI3 mmmatted
FB165 redD3466JEDI2 mmtransparent
FB165 redD3636JEDI3 mmtransparent
FB156 greenD3467JEDI3 mmmatted
FB157 greenD3468JEDI2 mmmatted
FB151 dark greenD3469JEDI2 mmmatted
FB 150 dark greenD3628JEDI1 mmmatted