PVC strip curtains in industrial quality

The Versatility of Strip Curtain Applications

Strip curtains provide effective protection against various environmental factors such as dust, noise, cold, rain, snow, wind, and heat. They are perfectly suited for use on doors, gates, and passageways. Common applications include industrial curtains, cold storage curtains, room dividers in halls, as well as curtains for open stables and horse boxes, covering a wide range of uses.

Our industrial strip curtains, also known as lamellar or slat curtains, can be customized according to our customers’ specifications. This includes a tailored selection of colors, thicknesses (ranging from 0.5 to 12 mm), widths, and lengths of the strips made from soft PVC. Consequently, you have the option to individually configure the air permeability by adjusting the overlap parameters of the lamellae, ensuring that the curtain meets your specific requirements.

Strip curtains on measure? Please send your individual request to us via the cuttings form.

The Advantages of Our PVC Strip Curtains

  • Rounded edges minimize the risk of injury and improve accessibility.
  • Our strip curtains can be easily and quickly reconfigured for winter or summer operations without the need for tools. This also applies to replacing dirty or damaged PVC slats, ensuring excellent investment security.
  • Significant energy savings, both in cold and warm conditions (for example, when used as room dividers in halls), ensure a rapid return on investment.
  • The curtains are ideally suited for use in cold storage warehouses or abattoirs.
  • In industrial settings, they serve as an effective noise barrier, provide optimal noise protection for employees, and prevent dust and dirt from entering machinery and equipment.
  • They can be used as room dividers to create separate areas within a hall, such as a spray painting booth.
  • As a welding protection curtain, they are certified for use in welding booths.
  • They provide wind and cold protection for stables in agriculture.
  • The material is UV-stabilized through special processes, ensuring effective UV protection.