Strip curtains for hall partitions

Our products may be used in the following areas of application for films:

Strip curtains for hall partitions
Curtains may be ordered to size upon customer request. For example, a customized configuration for wind permeability using modified overlapping parameters is possible.

Strip curtains on measure? Please send your individual request to us via the cuttings form.

Additional advantages:

  • Rounded corners so that the risk of injury is significantly reduced and accessibility is improved.
  • All curtains may be configured completely without the use of tools, depending on the requirements for winter or summer use. The same applies for the replacement of dirty or damaged slats. As our customer, you will be investing your money wisely.
  • Quick amortization of your investment with significant energy savings, in cold storage warehouses/refrigerated warehouses as well as for heat insulating purposes (hall partitions).
  • Our strip curtains are perfectly suitable for refrigerated warehouses and abattoirs, for example.
  • The noise protection shielding of our products offers employees the ideal protection from noise, and at the same time, protects your systems and machines from dust and dirt.
  • Usable as a room divider for the division of rooms within a hall, such as for a varnishing booth.
  • Strip curtains for welding cabins and for optimal welding shielding, with certifications.
  • Suitable as wind and heat protection for stalls (horses, cows, goats, etc.)
  • All of our plasticized PVC strip curtains are usable as effective UV protection, as the material is fundamentally stabilized in a special UV procedure.