Soft-PVC Films, Slats & Plates

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality Soft-PVC products, JEDI Kunststofftechnik GmbH specialises in the production of transparent (crystal clear) and coloured Soft PVC Made in Germany.

Our Soft-PVC sheets, films, slats, strip curtains, protective mats, welding protection curtains and bullet traps are individually made to measure for you in a thickness of 0.5 to 12 mm and up to 2.200 mm wide and are also available from stock as sheets/rolls/metre goods.

Commercial customers please submit your enquiry to us via the cuttings form or call our sales team on +49 (0) 2243 92930-0.

Soft PVC stripes

Product description:

  • Soft-PVC films and plates (transparent / clear or colored)
  • cold resistant down to -35 ° C and -45 ° C
  • from a thickness of 0.5 mm up to 12 mm


  • width: 500 – 2200 mm
  • thickness: 0.5 to 12 mm
  • roll length: 20 / 50m Standard
  • blanks for customers available


  • standard goods available in 20m rolls in stock
  • special materials and dimensions on request


Gates, Industry, separation of production and storage areas, Cold stores, Blinds, Soundproofing, Splash guard, Seals, Vibration protection, Bullet-trapping plates, Underlay for equipment, Lining of collection containers, Chemical industry, etc.


  • good mechanical properties
  • broad chemical compatibility
  • low wear
  • high transparency
  • cold crack resistance
  • further special properties as possible food safe
  • aging and UV resistance
Soft PVC colors