Plasticized PVC Qualities

Plasticized PVC must fulfil certain defined criteria and display particular characteristics relating to material composition, whereby this product group is suited for certain defined areas of application.Fundamentally, these characteristics are divided according to their mechanical, chemical and physical features, which we would like to present in a concise manner on this page. The following information on the particular features of PVC should make your selection of optimal plasticized PVC products significantly easier.


Shore hardness A:

59° Shore to 83° Shore

Building material classes: B1 (low flammability) and B2 (normal flammability) according to DIN 4102-1


Resistance to cold:

Cold resistance from -35°C to -45°C depending on Shore hardness.



Our plasticized PVC products for the electronics sector, such as those used in a cleanroom, have fundamentally anti-static features.


Contact with food stuffs

Our products offer fully specific characteristics and qualities so that they may also be used in the food stuffs industry and may be allowed contact with food stuffs. The required declarations of conformity are available.



The plasticized PVC products from our anti-insect product group serve both your area of application and for the effective repellence of insects and bugs. These products have special colors and odors with which bugs can be repelled from the area of application without the use of pesticides.

Profiles and color

It’s up to you! We offer you our plasticized PVC products in different profiles and colors (transparent, up to muted colors, opaque) so that you are guaranteed to find the perfect products for your individual requirements with us.