PVC Floor protection mats and table pads

We manufacture all protective mats according to your specifications of shape and size, and produce the following:

  • Floor protection – protective dirt trapper mats for entrances to private, industrial and commercial buildings – dirt and moisture is captured effectively and does not end up in the inside of the building.
  • Chair mats – protection from pressure marks and scratching for delicate wood, laminate, stone, tile, etc. floor surfaces as well as protection for low pile, hard industrial carpets.
  • Exercise matsequipment mats – perfect for preventing sliding and as an underlay for sports equipment. By using this, you can guarantee more safety while exercising. Our protective mats can be used both for exercising at home or at the gym to prevent pressure marks.
  • Noise reduction and footfall sound insulation – due to special material characteristics, our protective mats achieve an outstanding reduction of noise and level of footfall sound insulation.
  • Gas cylinder – our plasticized PVC mats offer excellent protection as a gas cylinder underlay against dripping and splattering grease when barbequing.
  • Table covering – perfectly prevents soiling and damage to the table.

Floor protection mats and table pads in custom sizes? Companies please send us your individual enquiry via the cutting form or call our sales team on +49 (0) 2243 / 92930-0.