Thanks to our many years of experience in Soft PVC production, we specialise in the production of a wide range of geometric cuts – precisely up to a material thickness of 10 mm.

State-of-the-art CNC-controlled systems are used in our production process. This enables us to offer high-precision cuts for all conceivable geometric shapes – whether squares, rectangles, circles or complex contours, we realise our customers’ ideas with the utmost precision!

CNC Cutter

Customised shapes and cut-outs

For customised solutions, we produce precise drill holes, slotted holes and cut-outs in our Soft PVC products that are precisely tailored to your specific requirements.

Our technical team creates detailed CAD drawings of the desired end product using Auto-CAD systems in *.dxf and *.dwg formats. We are also able to convert customer drawings from various other formats such as *.jpg or *.pdf and use them for production.

CNC Cutter