Products & Applications

Using modern production methods, we are able to manufacture diverse plasticized PVC products from a thickness of 0,7 mm up to 12 mm that are light-weight and extremely durable for many different application purposes. One of the most important, positive characteristics of all our products is the high-quality yet economical materials we use to make them, which have many advantages over other materials.

The significant physical qualities of our materials include:

  • transparency
  • good electrical insulation capacity
  • low moisture absorption
  • smooth surfaces
  • high flexibility
  • fire behavior which is normal i.e. inflammable (do not continue to burn or smolder)
  • good thermal insulation
  • sound and noise protection up to approx. 30 dBa
  • cold-crack resistance up to -45 degrees

Upon request, we can print all films in a digital printing process according to your specifications, and therefore offer you a unique design for your plasticized PVC products. We place great importance on fulfilling all of our customers’ wishes.