As experienced specialists in plasticized PVC films and mats, we rely on specifically aligned systems for plasticized PVC extrusion during production which enable the manufacturing of products with material thicknesses of 1 mm to 12 mm with a maximum sheet width of 2200 mm. A special production method called “extrusion” offers us the possibility of manufacturing transparent films and matts, fully transparent and blue-tinged transparent, using the most modern production facilities, whereby muted RAL colors and special colors can be produced upon request. We manufacture products with particularly high quality features, which results from the highly modern extrusion procedure at our manufacturing facilities.

Information: How exactly does extrusion work?

Simply put, extrusion is a procedure during which the plasticized PVC premix or a plasticized PVC granulate is plasticized using a flat sheet extruding die on a so-called extruder. With this procedure, we can bring the material into the desired shape using thermal and mechanical energy and guarantee the consistently high quality standard of our products. In the ensuing working steps, the plasticized PVC product is smoothened in our calender, cooled and stress-relieved.